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24 June 2024

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  • Maintaining Your Washer and Dryer
    Have you ever had funny smells coming from your washer, or even have your clothing come out smelling funny after a wash?  Some simple steps can help you keep your washer and dryer from not only developing funny smells, but also can extend the life of your machine!   Prevent Mold Buildup in Your Washer […]
  • Why don’t they make dishwashers the way they used too?
    We often get complaints from customers who buy brand new units, saying that their dishwasher does not clean like their old one.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but basically it boils down into three different reasons.  These are: New units operate differently due to new regulations Change of ingredients in new detergents Consumer […]
  • Tips on Cleaning your Barbecue Grill
      Cleaning your grill is essential to not only keeping your food tasting wonderful,  but also to increasing the longevity of your grill.  Here are some tips that will make cleaning your grill easier. Regular Cleaning First off, you should already be cleaning your grates between each use with a wire brush.  The best time to […]
  • ARH Christmas Giving Drive
    We have been very fortunate to be able to provide service to so many in the Northwest in 2012.  We live and work in a beautiful area, and have served many new and returning people this year.  As we celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, we want to give to others by providing needed items […]
  • Honoring a Legend
    For more than two decades Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital was served and led by a remarkable duo, Bill & Nancy Sehorn.  Many of our current team members were privileged to have worked with them before they retired in 2001.  Bill & Nancy were like parents and grandparents to the ARH team, and like best friends […]
  • Getting Rid of Pesky Refrigerator Odors
    Everyone knows that bad odors in your refrigerator or freezer can be difficult to get rid of and are not appetizing.  Not only is the odor unsanitary, but it also can permeate the food in the refrigerator, and also your ice cubes!!!  We will examine some ways of getting rid of these poor odors, but first […]
  • Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning

    A Quick How-To Guide on Cleaning Your Refrigerator Condenser

  • Easter is coming! Candy Stain Removal Tricks and Tips!
    With Easter just around the corner, we figured it would be great to share some quick candy stain removal tricks with you.  Most all candy stains will be handled the same, except for chocolate.  Chocolate stains will require some extra special attention because of its oil and dye based properties.  As with all stains, you will […]
  • Proper Care and Cleaning of Stainless Appliances
    While stainless steel appliances are very beautiful, many times it can be difficult to keep these appliance clean and looking their best.  Below we have outlined several tips to keeping your appliances looking their best. Using the Proper Cleaner  Cleaning your appliance with plain water and a clean cloth may prove adequate at times, but this usually […]



Mark took the time to explain a lot about my oven, and it will help me use it more effectively.

-Elizabeth from Salem

Mark is SUPERB!!! We so appreciate his/your service. Thank you for all.

-Jane from Salem

Your service technician & processes are exceptional. He used technical tools to diagnose a problem others had been unable to figure out. I will definitely use your service for any future needs. Thanks.

-Carol from Covington