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Going Green! - Here's What We Are Doing


Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital hired Solar Nation to install 240 solar panels covering 3,293 square feet of our roof! This system will supply 70 percent of our electrical energy needs.

Monitor our solar energy generation here!


Green Web Site

Our web site is powered by 100% renewable energy. Click the badge below to find out more!

Paperless System

We are dispatching most all of our service calls paperlessly to laptops our technicians carry in the field. The technicians can then report their finding paperlessly back to our office eliminating the need for any paper! This is allowing us to reduce our costs and save printing invoices onto paper! Our technicians can even email receipts to our customers while in the home!

We also submit nearly all our warranty claims to the manufacturers electronically on our customer's behalf. This eliminates the need for invoices to be mailed and paper to be wasted

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The technician was honest and super great. Thanks so much. Really happy with the service.

- Paige from Portland

Mark is SUPERB!!! We so appreciate his/your service. Thank you for all.

-Jane from Salem

Really liked Doctor Cory!! Friendly, funny and competent!! The three most important ingredients for a home appliance repair guy!!

-Helen from Puyallup